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We will feature the great declawed cats looking for foster homes and permanent homes on this site. Please stop by often for more photos and to learn more of about these great cats in need.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ADOPTED!!! Dusty and Dexter, two fun and senior guys

Dusty and Dexter were adopted out in 2007. Their owners are moving and not able to bring these boys with them. They are now 12 years old and have been together all their life.

Dusty is now on thyroid medicine but is easy to medicate and doing very well. They are both declawed on all 4 paws.

These two male cats are in a foster home in Northwest DC awaiting their forever home. They have lovely short haired coats and are very friendly boys.

Kiwi: wonderful cat needs a second chance

Kiwi is a courtesy post for a family whose baby daughter has been hospitalized with respiratory disease. Kiwi has to go and is currently staying with the baby's grandma, who has two dogs and cats of her own. Kiwi was originally part of a pair and one cat has been placed - This SWEET senior desperately needs a new place to call home!

Kiwi is a short-haired, black, domestic female cat with 3 legs; She is 13 years old and is very well litterbox trained. She is an inside cat and loves to be with people, and is declawed.

While there is no adoption fee we will ask that a $50 donation be made to Homeward Trails Animal Rescue for facilitating the placement and helping assure a good home to this wonderful cat.

ADOPTED!!!! Sweet Calico Isabella Looking For A Quiet Home

Isabella is a beautiful declawed girl who is so happy for a second chance at life.

Isabella along with 6 of her friends were due to be euthanized on Labor Day 2009 because they had a case of the sniffles. The shelter feared it would spread to others and since they were already packed with cats it was to become the last day of her and the others lives. Luckily for her some dedicated rescue folks drove on down and rescued the "Sniffles 7" as we call them.

Isabella is fine, and settled in nicely in her foster home. She has also had a complete dental cleaning! Imagine a world where cats die because they catch a cold

Isabella would love a quiet home where she can be loved and cherished for the rest of her feline life. Isabella is 6 years old with a short and silky coat. She has a friendly and loving personality.

Tigger is a lover boy

Tigger is the most fabulous cat! This guy is a total love and a complete lap cat--he adores sitting in a lap, and wants nothing more but to give and receive affection.
He is sweet, playful and, above all, totally full of love.

Tigger's photos really don't do him justice--he is a handsome brown tabby. Tigger is declawed on his front paws.

Tigger will occasionally use the toilet to go number 1, but also likes using litterboxes. He won't miss either.

Tigger is really just looking for someone to love him, and he will repay you in kind. Could Tigger find a new home with you?

Tigger is a male, declawed short haired tabby living in a foster home in Northern Virginia.

To find out more about Tigger, please go to his Petfinder link.