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We will feature the great declawed cats looking for foster homes and permanent homes on this site. Please stop by often for more photos and to learn more of about these great cats in need.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Buddy is looking for one

This big lovable boy was given up because of allergies and found himself at a shelter. Lucky for him Homeward Trails found out and brought him into our rescue group. Buddy is very sweet, good with other cats and in good health.

Buddy is about 8 years old and living in a foster home in the metro DC area.  He has a short and silky coat and a friendly and loving personality.

If you would like to fill out an adoption questionnaire for this cat, please click here and e-mail the questionnaire to

Darius, very friendly cat

Darius is a wonderful cat and a total shelter favorite! This declawed guy was found as a stray. Because he has no front claws, he had no way to get food for himself outside, so he was emaciated. He was taken to the shelter, where they fattened him up (although he's still skinny!), and they found that he was incredibly sweet and loving. He was often in the front room of the shelter, greeting people as they walked in.

Darius is great with other cats and loves being around people. Darius is about five years old, negative for FIV and feline leukemia, microchipped, neutered, up-to-date on his shots, and front-paw declawed.

Darius is living in an Alexandria foster home as he waits to find his forever home.

Emily and Junebug, two tortie sisters

Meet Emily and Junebug! These two sisters have been together their whole lives and are looking for an adopter to take them as a pair.

Emily is a dilute tortie with a white chest and paws and longer fur. She is very sweet and social and absolutely adores people. She does well with everything and everyone! One of her favorite things is being brushed, which helps to keep her beautiful long fur looking its best.

Her sister, Junebug, is a short-haired tortie/calico who also enjoys being pet. She is bigger than her sister, but that just means there is more of her to love! Both Emily and Junebug are declawed on their front paws. We aren't positive of their age, but estimate they are in the 7-11 year old range.

Emily and Junebug are living in a foster home, Bethesda, Md.  They are eager to find an adoptive home together.

Emily has long fur, Junebug's is short

Halle, senior med. haired calico beauty

Are you looking for a low-key lap cat who wants to be your best friend? Look no further than Halle! This sweet girl is very loving, and just wants someone to love her back. As soon as you approach her, she starts to purr. She has gorgeous medium-long fur with a cute calico pattern, and her fur is easy to maintain because she loves being brushed. As soon as you run the brush over her fur, she begins to purr some more!

Halle is ten years old and was given up because her owners could no longer afford to have a pet. She is fine around other cats, and is an all-around easygoing sweetie. She is negative for FIV and feline leukemia, has been spayed, is declawed on her front paws, is up-to-date on shots, and has been microchipped.

Halle is living in a foster home in Northern Virginia

Jax is hoping the third time is the charm

Meet Jax! Poor Jax has been through a lot lately, and is just looking for a home where he can be loved. Jax was adopted as a kitten by couple who loved him, but after eight years of living together happily, Jax's owners passed away. A relative took Jax in but had a stroke a few months later, and Jax ended up at the shelter.

Homeward Trails took Jax in to give him a chance to find happiness again. Jax absolutely adores petting sessions, and is a nice quiet kitty. He is almost nine years old and is very sweet. Based on his looks, we have a strong belief that he is an American Shorthair cat. He is a big-boned guy and has been declawed on his front paws. Jax is up to date on all of his shots, hs been neutered, and is negative for FIV and feline leukemia.

Jax is living in a foster home in Washington, D.C.

Kyrie the short haired tortie needs foster or adopter

Kyrie is described as a vocal and loving declawed female. She is approximately 5 years old and is losing her home due to her owners relocation. If you would like to foster or adopt Kyrie please let us know. We can get more information on her.

Kyrie is not a HT cat but a courtesy post for a Maryland Animal Rescue group.  
If you are interested in fostering or adopting this cat, please fill out HTs cat adoption questionnaire and e-mail it to  

Molly, foster or adopt

Molly is described as a sweet but undemanding declawed female. She is approximately 5 years old and is losing her home due to her owners relocation. If you would like to foster or adopt Molly please let us know. We can get more information on her.

Molly is not a HT cat, she is a courtesy post for a Maryland Animal Rescue group. 

If you are interested in fostering or adopting this cat, please fill out our cat adoption questionnaire and e-mail it to

Fantastic Rex, the cat

Rex is a fantastic cat who adores people, including children! Rex was adopted from a shelter when he was a kitten and then returned two and a half years later because the kids in his home had allergies. His original owner said he was fantastic with her children, who ranged in age from infancy to six years old.

He absolutely loves human attention and would be thrilled if he could be pet all day long. We also know that Rex has lived with another cat in the past. He is a gorgeous cat with medium-long black fur with a white spot on his chest and one paw, and he has a huge, bushy tail. Rex has been declawed on his front paws and is up-to-date on vaccines, negative for FIV and feline leukemia, neutered and microchipped.

As of May 2101, Rex is two years, nine months.  He is living in a foster home in Northern Virginia

ADOPTED! Simba, alot of cat to love!

Simba is an easygoing, loving cat looking for a forever home! This guy loves being around humans and really enjoys being pet. He does really well with other cats and is an all-around laid back kitty. He is declawed on his front paws, and he's a big boned guy, weighing in at close to 20 pounds, which means that there is a lot of Simba to love!  He is eight years old, up to date with vaccines and neutered. Simba would love to share his life with you!

Simba is living in a foster home in Northern Virginia

ADOPTED! Suga is a sweet, happy boy in need

Suga is a wonderful cat who is looking for a new home! He is a very sweet guy who gets along well with other cats, so if you have kitties in your home, Suga would love to make friends. Suga also adores humans. Suga is declawed on his front paws and is about seven years old.  Suga is living in a foster home in Northern Virginia.

Sugar is Sweet

Sugar is a long haired senior beauty. When local authorities were informed of numerous animals living in less than desirable conditions, they seized several cats and dogs, including Sugar. Sugar was brought to the shelter where she charmed the shelter staff and quickly became a shelter favorite. HT was called to help and we are sure glad we did!!

Sugar is super affectionate and just loves people. She is a very special girl who will steal your heart! She loves to be pet and brushed. She will purr madly when you come near her with a brush.  She is super affectionate and gets along OK with most cats and dogs.

Sugar is estimated at 9 years old.  She is living in a foster home in Arlington VA.

Sushi - what a beautifully expressive face!

Sushi is a fantastic cat looking for a permanent home. Sushi is very sweet and friendly, and gets along with other cats, and she also loves humans! Sushi is declawed, so if you have concerns about your carpets or furniture being torn up, there is no need to worry! She is ten years old, which means she has many years left to be your companion.

Sushi is a short haired tabby living in a foster home in Bethesda, MD.

Sweet Blackie!

Blackie is a fantastic, sweet cat looking for a forever home! This guy is about seven years old, loves people and does well with other cats! He would make a fantastic addition to any home. Blackie was declawed by his previous owner. He ended up at a shelter, where he was rescued by Homeward Trails. Unfortunately, our vet thinks that Blackie's declaw surgery may have been botched, so we are working on getting Blackie x-rays to check his paws. If the surgery wasn't done properly, we will get Blackie the corrective surgery he needs. Blackie is an absolutely wonderful cat and will make someone very happy. Could it be you?

Blackie is living in a foster home in Washington, D.C.
The adoption fee for Blackie is $100.00, which helps with cost of routine vet care, as well as spay/neuter surgery.

If you are interested in adopting Blackie, please fill out our cat adoption questionnaire and e-mail it to

Thank you for contacting Homeward Trails Animal Rescue and helping to save a life!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ADOPTED!!! Dusty and Dexter, two fun and senior guys

Dusty and Dexter were adopted out in 2007. Their owners are moving and not able to bring these boys with them. They are now 12 years old and have been together all their life.

Dusty is now on thyroid medicine but is easy to medicate and doing very well. They are both declawed on all 4 paws.

These two male cats are in a foster home in Northwest DC awaiting their forever home. They have lovely short haired coats and are very friendly boys.

Kiwi: wonderful cat needs a second chance

Kiwi is a courtesy post for a family whose baby daughter has been hospitalized with respiratory disease. Kiwi has to go and is currently staying with the baby's grandma, who has two dogs and cats of her own. Kiwi was originally part of a pair and one cat has been placed - This SWEET senior desperately needs a new place to call home!

Kiwi is a short-haired, black, domestic female cat with 3 legs; She is 13 years old and is very well litterbox trained. She is an inside cat and loves to be with people, and is declawed.

While there is no adoption fee we will ask that a $50 donation be made to Homeward Trails Animal Rescue for facilitating the placement and helping assure a good home to this wonderful cat.

ADOPTED!!!! Sweet Calico Isabella Looking For A Quiet Home

Isabella is a beautiful declawed girl who is so happy for a second chance at life.

Isabella along with 6 of her friends were due to be euthanized on Labor Day 2009 because they had a case of the sniffles. The shelter feared it would spread to others and since they were already packed with cats it was to become the last day of her and the others lives. Luckily for her some dedicated rescue folks drove on down and rescued the "Sniffles 7" as we call them.

Isabella is fine, and settled in nicely in her foster home. She has also had a complete dental cleaning! Imagine a world where cats die because they catch a cold

Isabella would love a quiet home where she can be loved and cherished for the rest of her feline life. Isabella is 6 years old with a short and silky coat. She has a friendly and loving personality.

Tigger is a lover boy

Tigger is the most fabulous cat! This guy is a total love and a complete lap cat--he adores sitting in a lap, and wants nothing more but to give and receive affection.
He is sweet, playful and, above all, totally full of love.

Tigger's photos really don't do him justice--he is a handsome brown tabby. Tigger is declawed on his front paws.

Tigger will occasionally use the toilet to go number 1, but also likes using litterboxes. He won't miss either.

Tigger is really just looking for someone to love him, and he will repay you in kind. Could Tigger find a new home with you?

Tigger is a male, declawed short haired tabby living in a foster home in Northern Virginia.

To find out more about Tigger, please go to his Petfinder link.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ADOPTED!!! Mandy, pretty little lap cat

Mandy is a 9-year old declawed lap cat currently missing a permanent lap. She is a little butterball who enjoys nothing more than a good lap to sit in and a person to cuddle with. Mandy is friendly and charming and warms up to people immediately. She will be a wonderful additon to any loving hhome. Won't you give this plush little cat a chance?

Gracie and Gretel, young pretty sisters

Gretel finally arrived in a VA foster home at the end of March. These two sweethearts are thrilled to be out of the high-kill North Carolina shelter and in a home environment again! Gracie & Gretel are both up to date on their shots, tested negative for FIV and FeLV, spayed, and front declawed. Gracie & Gretel are sisters and best friends. They need to be adopted together. They are 2 1/2 years olda

Gracie is the sweet brown tabby. She loves to chat and tell you about her day. Gracie loves to sit on your lap and loves to give kisses and nuzzle you. She is a very affectionate little girl! Gracie is nervous about loud noises. She loves to snuggle in her cat bed. Gracie is a sweet little thing...and she'd love to find her forever home soon. Could it be yours?

Gretel is a sleek black kitty with fantastic eyes! She does not photograph she is much cuter in person! Gretel also has little tufts from the tip of her ears that are very cute. She is not as vocal as her sister Gracie, but she does like to talk. Gretel will meet you at the door for her love...and then she'll head off to explore and discover. Gretel likes to be in the know and does appear to be the more dominant sibling. Playful and busy, Gretel adores her laser pointer and any toys she can get her paws on! Gretel has a fun and quirky personality. She would love to find her forever home soon...could it be with you?

Snoopy, 6 yr old sweetie

Snoopy is a sweet and funny six year old, front-declawed male. Favorite pastimes include napping on the couch, batting at toy mice and string, and watching over the neighborhood via windows (he's sometimes referred to as Snoop!). He's affectionate and loves head scratches and assisting with reading and watching tv. Generally a little shy with new people, he's very loyal and greets his human at the door after a day's work, comes when called (when he feels like it, he is a cat after all!), and responds to questions and makes comments on topics he finds interesting.

While he's generally playful when engaged (he chases after small toys and strings - the simplier the toy the better!), he loves to relax and just chill out. He shows appreciation of head rubs with soft purring and kneading and likes to sleep at the foot of the bed to keep it warm for his human.

Snoopy has lived with another cat previously, but he's currently a solo cat. He has no known experience interacting with dogs. Snoopy is a gentle soul. He's up-to-date on his shots, uses the litter box faithfully, and is overall a considerate member of the family.

Margo, pretty tortie lovebug looking for her home

Margo was living a happy, well-fed life until her elderly owner passed away at home last year. The EMTs arrived at Margo's house with sirens blaring and strangers tromping around, and then Margo and her brother Darren lived in a house with no people for the next 10 weeks. Though they were fed and monitored by a neighbor once a day, the traumatic loss of her person made Margo stop eating.

Margo and Darren, both 6 years old, were rescued and assigned to different foster homes by Homeward Trails. With lots of TLC, Margo gradually recovered her appetite and health. Now she's a colorful, buxom love-bug with beautiful green eyes who likes nothing better than cuddling up between her foster parents on the couch or in bed.

A cat who loves to be petted, Margo will "make biscuits" against your arm with her declawed paws while serenading you with a truly impressive assortment of coos, purrs, chirps, and sighs. She doesn't feel the need to race around or climb furniture, so a cozy apartment would suit her fine -- as long as she has someone to cuddle with for a few hours a day!

Monday, April 12, 2010

ADOPTED!!!! -Puff, stunning male Maine Coon

Puff has been adopted!!!!
Puff is a stunning young male Maine Coon mix who came in with Teddy Bear and Patches in case you are looking for more than one cat. He is also in foster care with Harley if you want a male/female pair. This loving boy made his way to rescue when his person had to have back surgery and could no longer care for her animals.

Puff is about 1 year old and has a long and fluffy coat. He is very friendly and loving. He is living in Washington DC.

APOPTED! YAY!- Get a Cougar in your house -

Cougar is a handsome declawed boy looking for his forever home. Cougar lived with both young children and a dog in his original home. Cougar was very stressed out and upset by being given up and moved and will need a patient person who can give him time to come around.

He loves to play with toys, sleep under the covers in bed and hang out with people. He is excited every morning and evening when his wet food arrives and is great with his litter box.

Cougar is about 4-5 years old, has a handsome medium length coat and a sweet and friendly personality. He is living in Washington, DC.

ADOPTED! yay!- Love Bug Catrina

GREAT NEWS! Catrina has found her forever home!
Meet Catrina (aka Big Momma)! A three-year-old large and in-charge gal who will sit for hours listening to gossip! She's has a gorgeous white coat with a trendy splash of gray on her crown.

Catrina came to Homeward Trails under unfortunate circumstances. She had a wonderful and loving home, but her owner became terminally ill and was no longer able to take care of her. But that hasn't gotten Catrina's spirits down! She is a VERY friendly cat with lots to love! She will keep you anchored to the couch while she warms up your lap... and will climb upon unwary nappers and sit on them like a queen. She is de-clawed but still knows how to have a good time with some catnip. She loves to follow her foster parents around the house and sleep on their feet at night. Catrina is a true love bug and is a fantastic pet. Won't you give this gal a chance? Catrina is living in a foster home in Northern Virginia.

ADOPTED!!!! Cali, young declawed calico beauty

Cali is a very sweet 2 year old, declawed, dilute calico cat. She's very easy going and would do well in almost any situation. She's extremely friendly. She was rescued from a rural, high-kill shelter in West Virginia. Cali is now living in a foster home in NW Washington DC. She's a very friendly, outgoing girl.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ADOPTED! YAY! Midnight Is Full Of Sunshine

Met Midnight, a nice little cat who somehow ended up as a stray in rural Virginia. Midnight is mostly black with white markings, about 3-5 yrs old and declawed.

Luckily, Homeward Trails Animal Rescue was able to help her and she will be moving from a shelter up to Northern Virginia very soon. We can't wait to meet her! Please stop back to this blog to hear more about Midnight.

We will also be posting photos and stories of other declawed cats in need on this blog so please visit often. Your comments are welcome. Please help spread the word about these great cats in need.