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Monday, June 21, 2010

Emily and Junebug, two tortie sisters

Meet Emily and Junebug! These two sisters have been together their whole lives and are looking for an adopter to take them as a pair.

Emily is a dilute tortie with a white chest and paws and longer fur. She is very sweet and social and absolutely adores people. She does well with everything and everyone! One of her favorite things is being brushed, which helps to keep her beautiful long fur looking its best.

Her sister, Junebug, is a short-haired tortie/calico who also enjoys being pet. She is bigger than her sister, but that just means there is more of her to love! Both Emily and Junebug are declawed on their front paws. We aren't positive of their age, but estimate they are in the 7-11 year old range.

Emily and Junebug are living in a foster home, Bethesda, Md.  They are eager to find an adoptive home together.

Emily has long fur, Junebug's is short

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